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A fresh sound for Austria’s KRONEHIT

KRONEHIT logo - long

We’ve reported on KRONEHIT before because it stands out in Europe as a beacon of consistent brand management. It is successful in part because of that discipline, both on an off air.

Let’s face it, Europe could do with some stability right now so today KRONEHIT (never Kronehit you’ll notice) moves its sound on carefully but creatively.

The Austrian hit music station has entrusted Reelworld to care for its on air brand identity and KRONEHIT’s distinctive three note logo melody:

There’s a spirit of fun and originality in this package above the energy and production value that’s naturally part of the CHR sound and you’ll hear from the demo how well the individual cuts match the music in the KRONEHIT playlist.

Reelworld’s music director, Erik Huber, led the writing on the package and clearly enjoyed this project:

This was an enormously fun project to work on. We love partnering with clients who have a compelling and forward-looking vision for their brand and Thomas [Wollert] and the entire KRONEHIT team approached this project bringing their enthusiasm, fresh ideas and a willingness to explore new possibilities for the sound of the station. The end result represents a fantastic new on-air image for KRONEHIT and is an achievement we’ll be proud of for a long time to come.”

The package includes 13 themes, a top of the hour sequence and a selection of ‘utility’ beds to support frequently-scheduled editorial.

The careful management of this station’s on air brand identity over the years makes a valuable case study for anyone involved in imaging a CHR or Hot AC format station.

KRONEHIT commissioning team

Thomas Wollert, Project Manager.
Rüdiger Landgraf, Programme Director.