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The radio ads that control your mobile


Radio can be used for the greater good – here’s a neat way of how Toyota have got Siri-ous with their radio ads in Sweden to keep drivers safe in their cars.

The case study video shows how a radio advert could ‘talk’ to a mobile phone in real time, using Siri, to put the phone in airplane mode without any human interaction.

This example by Toyota Sweden takes a new proactive approach to in-car safety, exploring the possibility that if brands cannot appeal directly to people to stop using their mobile phone when driving, maybe brands can ‘speak’ to the phone instead and stop its use on their behalf … all powered by something that’s pretty standard in all cars .. THE RADIO. RAJAR states that approx over 20% of radio listening each week is done in the car.

While the reality is, you have to have your phone plugged in, and have the “Hey Siri” feature enabled – it’s an interesting play to raise awareness of the growing problem of drivers playing with their phones while driving…

Created by the guys at Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden.

Jonathan Jacob is Content Solutions Manager at Global with varied experience across commercial radio S&P, events, marketing and PR. He was listed in the inaugural Radio Academy 30 under 30, is a Student Radio Awards judge and sat on the Events Committee for The Radio Academy. Views are personal.