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Earshot podcast: David Lloyd and Colin Kelly

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Earshot podcast: David LLoyd and Colin Kelly

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Show notes

There are few true ‘bibles’ of radio broadcasting craft. In this Earshot podcast, David Lloyd explains how he identified the need for a different kind of radio book and why he wanted to be the one to write it.

He introduces a thoughtful approach to hooking and teasing, prioritises positive writing over fussy production and explains how radio promotions producers can make their work more effective with a focus on listener benefits.

How to make great radio - David LLoyd

How to make great radio – David LLoyd

Colin Kelly’s with us too – he has just launched a children’s radio project for schools in Scotland. Hear the results of Scottish Schools Radio in the show, including one schoolgirl who gives Steve Wright a run for his money with her take on Factoids.

And because it’s Christmas enjoy a couple of remarkable radio ads from the USA and Ireland.

If you’d like to get in touch or share your production just email us. We love to share great audio from around the world – any station – any format, especially if it has an interesting story behind it.

Buy David’s book

Buy How to Make Great Radio from Amazon. Proceeds go to the Radio Academy.

David Lloyd

David is the Content and Operations Director of Orion Media, owners of Gem 106 and Free Radio. In a certain light he looks like this.

David Lloyd. Photo by Kris Askey

David Lloyd. Photo by Kris Askey

I got my copy of his book back in May…

Colin Kelly

Founder of Scottish Schools Radio

Colin Kelly, founder of Scottish Schools Radio

Colin Kelly, founder of Scottish Schools Radio

A box of tea bags

Barry’s Tea looks like this. Available in some UK supermarkets.

Barrys tea box

…and if you’re looking for a firearm in the Fresno area, here’s the link to PRK Arms.

Festive treat from David Lloyd

Thanks for reading down this far. Here’s your reward.


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