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talkRADIO publishes a personal finance survey to support its launch

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To coincide with the launch of new UK speech service talkRADIO, the station has released the results of a commissioned personal finance survey.

Its study shines light on public attitudes to personal debt including the insight that average Britons don’t consider themselves to be in debt until they owe £45,000.

talkRADIO commissioned research company One Poll to conduct the study and its media release includes quotations from station Managing Editor Dennie Morris.

The station has crystalised its positioning as “a personality-driven station which tackles all the hot topics of the day” and published this infographic to highlight its survey’s main findings.

talkRADIO debt infographic

Earshot says

A well-targeted survey can secure valuable media coverage. While other radio stations understandably may not wish to help their new rival, this survey is highly talkable and a gift to a personal finance feature writer or daytime television researcher.

The subject choice is relevant too: personal finance is an area that no long-established speech station could be said to “own”. It’s an editorial space that talkRADIO could quickly colonise.

Certainly talkRADIO will hope to see media stories published during the first few days of its life to complement its above-the-line activity. The station’s outdoor work alone is targeted to reach more than 3 million people.

talkRADIO ad Westfield

talkRADIO launches on Monday 21 March, 2016