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The official Virgin Radio launch video and pictures

Get the look

The Virgin Radio team and indepdendent production company TBI Media were mindful that the station launch had to look as good as it sounded.

A film crew, separate lighting team and a professional Press Association photographer captured the action on board and I think you’ll see a couple of lucky drone shots in the video package too.

Photo: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Photo: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Members of Travis, Mystery Jets, The Feeling and Gavin James perform as they arrive at Euston Station after broadcasting the launch of Virgin Radio.

Photo: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Sam Branson, Edith Bowman and Matt Richardson talk live to Sir Richard Branson onboard the Virgin Radio Star.

Photo: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Edith Bowman and Matt Richardson onboard the Virgin Radio Star train at Manchester Piccadilly station.

Photo: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

The Virgin Radio Star train at Manchester Piccadilly station.

How was it done?

See our detailed technical description of the production secrets behind this ambitious outside broadcast.

Thanks to Amy Grantham and the team at Wireless Group for allowing Earshot to make the launch of Virgin Radio a case study from which others can learn.