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Earshot podcast: Mitch von Arx from Kiss

Mitch von Arx and Hayley Hayes

Mitch Von Arx and Hayley Hayes

Mitch von Arx

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Earshot podcast: Mitch von Arx

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Show notes

Producer and composer Mitch von Arx shares his production work for the UK’s Kiss network and explains how he and his colleagues create that distinctive Kiss sound.

Mitch plays top-of-hours, Kisstory sweepers, S&P work for a film promotion, imaging for the ever-giving Father Kissmas and a mighty new year countdown piece that definitely deserves a second listen in the cool light of day.

Mitch’s compositions are released under the name Legomec.

Also in this edition, the best ad for a local camping store you’ll hear all year…. and it was made in-station too.

If you’d like to get in touch or share your production just email us. We love to play audio from around the world – any station – any format, especially if it has an interesting story behind it.


Mitch Von Arx and Steve Martin

Mitch is rightly horrified by Steve’s approach to production

Father Kissmas

Father Kissmas

Mitch Von Arx and Steve Martin

Mitch von Arx and Steve Martin


Thanks to London’s Grange Fitzrovia Hotel for hosting us.

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