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Capital FM tv spot, August 2016

A tv spot from Capital is always worth watching, and to coincide with the start of the new X Factor series on British television, the UK’s leading hit music network has released its latest ad as part of a campaign called “Only on Capital”. In the promotion of UK commercial hit music radio, it raises the bar again.


Global’s obsessive attention to detail in brand management and its reputation for punching through in style means that many working in the marketing of competitive radio will look carefully at its latest work.

The new ad marks a departure from the string of green screened celebrity spots that formed the brand’s campaigns in recent years. In the new spot the hit music stars are still there but the footage draws heavily from backstage activity at the Summertime Ball, and from Capital’s studios and offices.


It’s testament to Global’s investment in its Leicester Square facilities that the studio shots here can be intercut directly with stagework from Wembley Stadium. Would pictures from your radio studio stand up to that?

The evening show with Roman Kemp features in the generic national spot. Arguably, that’s a good accessible entry point for new listeners for whom daytime listening will be a matter of established habit. Of course Roman is a class act who lives Capital’s demographic and musical brand values.

Localised versions also featuring breakfast talent have been produced for transmission in the London, Manchester and Liverpool areas.

The piece is cut to Blow Your Mind (Mwah) by Dua Lipa and its messaging positions Capital ever more as a multiplatform music entertainment brand, not solely a radio station.

Oh, and Justin Bieber is in it.

Bieber / Capital

And nobody says “boom” this time.

Regional versions




Beyond the tv creative, Capital’s campaign extends to outdoor and digital with 400 bus sides in London showing Dave Berry, George and Lilah from breakfast, and from 12 September digital video on the London Underground.

The digital video executions again exploit material from the Summertime Ball where Capital set-up a two-way mirror backstage to generate additional footage.


Director of marketing at Global

Adam Johnson

Media agency


Creative agency

Mr President

Creative director, partner and co-director

Jon Gledstone


Victoria Trow

Emily Hodge

Planning director

Kenny Nicholson

Client service director and partner

Shahla Lalani

Account director

Tom Trevelyan


Nikki Cramphorn

Lauren Havard

Production company

The Mill


William McGregor

Head of content and producer

Josh Davies

Production managers

Terri Wood

Patrick Bailey

Main unit camera

Sam Heasman

Additional unit cameras

Remi Aaron

Gundeep Anand

Evelina Engberg Norgren

Offline editors

Ten Three


Kev Palmer

Assistant editors

Chay McTavish

Liam Bachler


The Mill

VFX executive producer

Ian Berry

VFX producer

David Keegan

Flame artist

Jo Tang


Mick Vincent


  1. A rather gushing piece rather than being informative and factual. Raising the bar…testament to Global…It’s clear what the site thinks of Capital and Global – can do no wrong – But lets remember the Capital ads much lauded for along time as amazing were rip off of iHeartRadio’s creative and not testament to Globals creative vision. No mention of that?

  2. Hello Michael. Earshot is factual and positive. If we don’t believe something is truly notable and useful for others then the site simply doesn’t feature it. The provenance of Capital’s advertising, and its inspirations, are recognised in our historical pieces. This new spot breaks away from that formula as my piece reports. Please do send, to me or Hayley, other examples of good promotional work you feel deserves a wider audience. I’d be very happy to share them within Earshot.

  3. Hi Steve – sorry to disagree but you didn’t make reference to the provenance in your piece from 10 February 2014. On the reworking of the ad which was essentially the same creative minus the backgrounds. I just want clarity that Capital is using STOCK footage in the main which like a syndicated jingle package just adds a different logo – They’ve got the artists to name lots of stations in the same shoot – I just fail to see how that solidifies Capitals creative va va voom when it was a syndicated ad – I accept the new ad may be creatively new but can you CONFIRM that it is not a local version of a US designed Ad?

  4. Yes I can. It’s a UK production from Mr President of Soho Square. Full agency, production and client credits now on the article.

  5. Michael –

    I believe that Capital did the artist-led ads first and then the format was duplicated by iHeart afterwards.

  6. …also (didn’t realise comments were backwards) as I understand it, all of the ‘artist drops’ are filmed at Capital’s Summertime Ball and Jingle Bell Ball (rather than syndicated pieces).


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