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ReelMix 2016 event preview

Looking ahead to the ReelMix imaging event

Some defining characteristics unite imaging producers everywhere: they care about their work; how it sounds and how effective it is, they want to improve their craft and do better.

It’s their own ambition that drives them. Which is just as well because programme directors, marketers, sales execs, talent and station owners seldom take their imaging staff aside to gee them up or conduct training. There are brilliant exceptions of course but in the main it’s left to the producers to find their own inspiration and create their own buzz.

From Jerry Vigil’s venerable Radio & Production magazine, now in it’s 28th year of monthly publication, to the enthusiastic problem-solving blog posts of Andreas Sannemann and friends at Benztown, the Imaging Days conference in Amsterdam and the case studies of great work here within Earshot, the encouragement to make better work has always come from inside the production community.

So it should come as no surprise that tickets for ReelMix 2016 sold in advance, or that imaging producers are crossing the world to be here.

ReelMix is the huggable lovechild of global jingles and station imaging leaders ReelWorld and The Mix Group which creates station production for the thousands of radio stations in the US who choose to outsource that responsibility to its specialist producers and barter airtime in exchange for their work.

The Mix Group uses ReelWorld’s Production Vault service in its production so there’s a natural fit between the organisations, but the ReelMix event is open to the whole industry, or at least those who managed to get tickets.


The ReelMix event promises to cover a lot of ground, from deskbound show-and-tells that pull-apart production sessions to see their inner workings to discursive sessions touching on issues that affect our working lives.

The variety of the two days extends to sessions dedicated to both copywriting and comedy, without which production would have little value, and the constant battle to optimise workflows and save time.

Here are a few promising highlights, illustrated in some cases by video promos of varying hokeyness.

Imaging Masterclass with Dom Nero, Andy Jackson and David Konsky

Three producers show you under the bonnet of their sessions, from mashups to vocal trickery.

What makes a great audio brand?

Legendary producer and voiceover, Dave Foxx, John Frost, Steve Dubbz and Ron Tarrant share their experiences branding some of biggest stations in the world.

Adobe: Do more with Audition with Durin Gleaves

While many UK radio production studios are built around ProTools, in the US Adobe Audition is the leading system (or so I’m told). Durin seems a sensible chap.

PDs and their imagers: it’s complicated

Relationship management comes to the fore in this session led by ReelWorld’s local boy, Chris Kelly. Nice office, not that he seems to spend much time in it.

VO from the VO’s point of view

Rachel McGrath

Leading voice artist and former imaging director Rachel McGrath joins radio legend Dave Foxx and Dr Dave Ferguson (you’ll know his voice) in a session that promises to shine light on that crucial relationship between producer and voiceover.

Write Good

Great concepts, important messages, amazing opportunities to connect with listeners: they can all be lost to bad writing. Bob Coates, Victor Lisle, Mike Daly, Neal Martin and Mike Beaubien boast experience across many formats. Time spent on words is always time well spent.

Imaging Masterclass with Andy Jackson, Ben Marks and Neal Martin

A second session that takes you inside production sessions.

Squeeze the day

Laura MatherThe most frequently asked questions I get from producers are about productivity techniques.

There are never enough hours in the day, so here’s how the ReelWorld producers manage their production schedules and maintain a little work-life balance.

With Laura Mather from the UK, Juan Tobar, imaging director at The Mix Group and Chicago’s Victor Lisle.

ReelWorld jingles with Erik Huber

Erik Huber

From inspiration to final mix, ReelWorld creative director Erik Huber will discuss how to compose, mix and post-produce and answer any music production questions.

Eric is the most senior creative at ReelWorld and his jingles are heard around the world every day so this is a rare opportunity to hear directly from one of the leading creative forces who shapes the sound of today’s radio.

Show me the Funny, with Victor Lisle

A cast of six comedy writers and producers including Eric Chase and John Frost share some comedy secrets and demonstrate how they get listeners laughing. I bet they make it look really easy.

Earshot coverage

You can’t get tickets for ReelMix but you can follow both days live with Earshot.

We’ll live blog all the main sessions in Miami with photos and audio, carry interviews with key speakers and record an edition of the Earshot show for later download. Subject to getting a clean audio feed, there will be a live Periscope channel @earshotcreative for some of the sessions.

The hashtag on social media is #ReelMIX2016 and Earshot is @earshotcreative on Twitter and Periscope.