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Quick tip: batch normalise individual files

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In this quick tip I shared with you one simple way to achieve a faster worklflow. Now, here’s another for users of ProTools.

Batch normalise individual files

In your daily routine there are a lot of little steps which you have to follow, but sometimes you can shorten things and Audio Suite plugins provide real potential for optimisation.


In this example there are a bunch of files which should be normalised. If you select all the files at the same time and click render on your plugin, the files melt into one continuous clip.

Normalisation 1

You have to do it step by step if you want to render every individual file with this workflow. That is not efficient!



Really? All Files step by step? No. You can do this with just one click on the render button. But first you have to change two parameters of your plugin.

1. Change “Create Continuous File” to “Create Individual Files”

Now if you select more than one file, it would create individual files, not a continuous block.


2. Change “Entire Selection” to “Clip by Clip”.

Now every clip is being analysed individually. That’s important, because the plugin will now consider every individual peak level, not only the highest of the whole selection.


Did you know?!

You can also create individual files with pitch shift plugins like Soundshifter from Waves, equalizers like the EQ III from Pro Tools and a lot of other Audio Suite plugins. Yes, also with just one click 🙂

Save time and have fun!

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