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Quick tip: region sync point

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Quick tips

In a new series of posts, Christian Troitzsch from 89.0 RTL shares quick tips to improve your audio, accelerate your workflow and make more time to be creative.

89.0 RTL is a CHR format station based in the German University city of Halle from where Christian shares his first quick tip.

Region Sync Point

As a Imaging Producer you have to work fast. It helps to know the system you work with well. In my case it’s Pro Tools and in this little Quick Tip, I’ll show you a nice way to be faster.

The problem

Working in grid mode, you have a sound effect, loop or another soundfile which you want to move on the grid.

Quick Tip region sync point - start

The clip will snap to the grid, but sometimes its transient is not at the start of the clip. So you have to cut the file on the transient, move it and bring the file back to its original length. This is annoying and costs you valuable time.

The solution

The “Sync Point” feature in Pro Tools can solve that problem.

You can enable it like this:

  • Search the point at which you want the clip to snap to the grid. In this example, it’s a a transient. Now create a sync point (screenshot).

Quick Tip region sync point - identify

  • Now if you move the file it snaps on the grid with the sync point.

Quick Tip region sync point - snap

Did you know?

Shortcuts help you to speed up your workflow. For example in Pro Tools:

  • Create a Sync Point with “Cmd“ + “,“.
  • The clip snaps directly on the locator with Ctrl + Shift + Click (on the clip you want to move).
  • If you use “Alt” too, the region will be copied and snap to the locator. It’s magic!

Have fun with this quick tip!

More quick tips from Christian within Earshot soon.