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Quick tip: tab to transient

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Tab to transient

Here’s another great tip for ProTools users. When I added this tip to my daily routine it was an absolute game changer.


One of the main tasks in radio production is cutting audio.

If you are working with vocal takes, it’s important that you can’t hear the cut.

When producing with music tracks, loops and beats, rhythm and timing are very important. It’s always necessary to cut in a precise way, and that means finding the transient accurately.

To make a precise cut you can zoom into the audio waveform to see exactly whats going on. But if you’re constantly doing this all day long you could end up with a tendonitis. (No joke!).


With “Tab to transient” in Pro Tools you solve this problem. You use it like this:

First, activate this little icon:

Enable tab to transient

Now press the “Tab” key of your keyboard.

See how the cursor jumps from transient to transient – and so to a possible point to cut.

Come on and jump to the beat (jump)

If you work with vocals it could be the beginning of a word or letter. While working with loops or music it jumps from beat to beat.

Come on and jump to the beat (jump)

In this way you can work precisely and rhythmically without being in “grid” mode and without having to zoom in and out the whole time.

Tab to transient 3

Did you know?

Tab to transient 4

While you “Tab” press the “Shift” key: Now the cursor will select the following transients as well. With this key combination it is possible to cut or copy a whole bar precisely without being in grid-mode.

Have fun with “Tab to transient”.

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