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Quick tip: user default preset

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A deadline, a sick colleague and your to-do list is full? In quick tips I show you how I deal with this problem. The key is to understand your system in order to be faster.

So this time I’ll show you how you can ensure your plugins are optimised every time you open them.


It’s a busy day and you have to finish your tasks. I’ve got a session template: a good starting point.

It’s easy to add tracks and plugins but normally when you open an equalizer plugin you will see this:


The plugin shows you a factory default preset and is ready for your adjustments. That’s good but you could be one step further ahead. Here’s how:


Whether you want to get quick result directly while opening your plugin or you want to have a better starting point as the factory default preset you can change the standard preset settings to your own individual user preset.

First you have to create your preset. Adjustment the parameters and save your settings in the preset section.


Choose a folder and name for your preset.


It is not strictly necessary to do this in German, like Christian.

Now you must tell your plugin that this preset is your “User Default” preset. Click “Set as User Default


Finally, you have to change the Default Preset to “User Setting” in the settings preferences.


Now, whenever you open the plugin it will load your own individual user settings.


Use it to get fast results if you work with similar voices. Or just to get a better starting point where you have to do just minimal adjustments.

Did you know?

This quick tip helps me with ‘Unplugged’ sessions of bands and musicians on a promo tour.

Often, the artist, promoter or manager will want to listen to the song after the recording. They don’t have much time when they are on tour and I don’t want to keep them waiting while nerding around with the knobs on my plugins.

While play the song I add plugins. And because I’ve got a Default User preset I get fast results on that.

Not perfect, but good enough to give the artist or manager a good feeling about this. You can do the final mix once they leave the room.

Have fun!

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