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Quick tip: A/B comparison

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A/B comparison

A/B comparison helps you to compare two audio clips with each other. It’s useful for mastering or producing instrumentals from original songs.

The comparison between the original and your own work helps you recognise differences in sound. With an A/B comparison it’s easier to create the sound that you want.


The switch between Audio A and Audio B should be fast and fluent. If it’s not you cannot hear differences in sound objectively. Clicking on solo and then mute creates a delay in comparison which is a problem.


The solution in this case is easy and fast to realise. First, you need two pieces of audio to compare.

Now set one of them to solo.

In this example i want to compare the claps of an instrumental with a clap sample from a library. I want to create the same sound with the sample that I hear in the original song. I need to compare them.

Now select the two tracks at the same time and start the playback to hear the solo track.

You can switch between Track A and B by press Shift + S. So now you are able to compare.

Did you know?

You can do this with “mute” as well. Set one track to “mute”, select both tracks and start playback.

Press Shift + M. Now the “mute” jumps between Track A and B when you hit the shortcut.

Have fun with A/B comparison!