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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Kyle & Jackie O’s ‘You get a car’

Here’s a competition with an objective to recruit new listeners in a highly competitive market.

On Friday 19 May, every caller to the Kyle & Jackie O breakfast show on KIIS 106.5 in Sydney, Australia will win a car. That’s right – there’s no element of skill required and it doesn’t matter why you’re calling. If you make it onto the air you win a new Hyundai i30 car.

There’s no word on how many cars will be won in total but the simple premise has great cut-through and every chance of generating strong word-of-mouth appeal in the days leading up to the promotion.

The on air campaign and shareable video are all designed to fuel the fire while promoting the sponsor’s product. Hear the promo running on air, and produced in-house at KIIS by Daniel Bozykowski. Daniel’s not rushing things – the spot runs to 1’07” and there’s plenty of space in the mix to absorb the concept and immerse yourself in the excitement of the offer.

KIIS Hyundai promo

What could be better than getting everyone talking about your radio station? Getting someone else to pay for it.

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Voices on the campaign above come from the UK. It’s Lizzie Crow (available via On The Sly) and Howard Ritchie.