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Twenty artists hidden in a picture puzzle

Live Lounge Month teaser

Who doesn’t enjoy the satisfaction of solving a cryptic puzzle?

To promote its forthcoming Live Lounge Month, BBC Radio 1 created a visual teaser puzzle on social media. The cartoon drawing of a living room contains twenty hidden clues to the artists appearing during the month.

They’re only evident if you really know your music so this promotion is perfectly targeted at the fans who will appreciate seeing their favourite artists play live.

For this audience, there’s reward in knowing the line-up first and satisfaction in achieving it through their own endeavour. It’s a fun promotion with genuine intangible benefits as the prize.

After one day of frantic social media reaction, BBC Radio 1 revealed the line-up in a string of announcements on air and online, and posted a revised version of the image to satisfy the quizzical minds of everyone who pondered over the clues. How many did you get?

Live Lounge Month runs on BBC Radio 1 throughout September 2018.