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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

A radio jingle survives an organ transplant

Let’s see if we can get through this without resorting to any tawdry organ-related innuendo.

Before MIDI there was book music, a kind of cardboard MIDI…

Air blows through the holes to trigger sounds in the pipe organ and mechanical movement like this cymbal beater and a mouse on a stick…

Crowds gather, heads turn and painted ladies hit bells with swordy things…

While behind all this synchronised glory sits Cornwall’s Greatest Showman, James Dundon, seen here editing a hedge…

James Dundon edits the hedge

Radio presenter James also operates a mechanical fairground organ. It’s been spotted around the South West of England playing music that might just be inspired by the imaging of the UK’s biggest commercial radio brand.

Who knows what what the imaging people at ReelWorld make of this?

They only created a jingle but got an unexpected upright organ arrangement. Not a euphemism.


  1. Well this is just fantastic! But are there any mechanicals in this performance? [weak publishing gag]

  2. All hail the winner of the Earshot niche joke award, 2018