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The Imaging Days: what to expect

The Imaging Days return in Autumn 2019 with new sponsors in a new venue and an eye-catching appearance from legendary broadcaster and social media sensation Broadway Bill Lee.

Broadway’s inclusion marks a departure for this event which made its name through the intricate unpicking of mix sessions by notable imaging producers and their stock of premium plugins.

This year we’re set to learn from one of radio’s great talents what it means to use imaging live on air. As a master of flow, Broadway should lift us out of the ProTools parade and closer to the point of it all – communicating messages and entertaining listeners.

I hope he talks about writing too.

Freelance Oliver Pengilly (Kiss, ReelWorld, Fun Kids, Scoop) and Nick Zargakis (Spin 1038) are among those who will reveal their approach to studio and production technique. Expect plugins.

From the Netherlands, we’ll hear from Idriss Rouchiche of FunX, while Jeff Berlin flies in from Boston, USA to share some of his work on Kiss 108.


Nicole Scherzinger, Andrea Bocelli and Akon: none of these artists will be there but their mastering engineer Wessel Otheten will be, showing us his tips for achieving the best mastered sound for today’s audiences.


We’re also promised a session by Oscar Dekker on station processing and what it does to your precious work. Oscar’s been on the bill twice before but never actually made it. Third time lucky I hope because this is a frequently misunderstood area in which any station sound producer should take a keen interest.

You can’t have Station Sound in your job title without taking responsibility for what the listener hears, and that has to include the processing.

British imaging company Ignite Jingles pledges to be there among the event supporters. If you only see a cardboard cut-out of Chris Stevens in the Amsterdam hall you’ll know Brexit’s gone really badly.

Venue: The Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
Dates: 7 and 8 October, 2019

Pricing: EUR 295 for station staff and independent producers, EUR 550 for audio production companies.
Booking website: