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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Inside BBC Creative

The Earshot podcast is packed with great radio production, shared by the people who make it.

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Michaela Hallam, Kate Dinsdale and Debbie Dillon

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Show notes

In this edition, Michaela Hallam, Debbie Dillon and Kate Dinsdale demonstrate how the BBC’s in-house creative agency approaches radio.

They play trails that promote Audio Description for viewers with restricted sight, their Wimbledon 2018 campaign that was much-loved by Chris Evans and the launch of the corporation’s ambitious project to aggregate music, podcasts and radio together in one place, BBC Sounds.

Kate, Debbie and Michaela describe how they achieve consistency of message while creating bespoke executions to fit the sound of each BBC radio service to maximise the effectiveness of their work.

You’ll also hear how BBC Creative works with independent production houses like Mcasso Music and Audio Always, and the team share tips for you if you want to be part of a future production with the agency.


Career opportunities with BBC Creative

Mcasso, responsible for producing the sonic mnemonic for BBC Sounds.

Audio Always, which has contributed to several recent campaigns by BBC Creative.


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Earshot podcast graphicEarshot theme by the Tiger Club Band. Voiceover is Elly Fairman at Hobsons.

Views are personal. Steve and the contributors acknowledge all rights held by the owners, creators and performers of the recorded works which are included solely for the purposes of education and review.

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