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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

6 cool radio things in January 2014

If you’ve spent the month doing dry January and those extra hours in the gym – then there’s a few tidbits out there that you may have misted. Here’s Earshot’s handy run down of cool things in radio marketing, promotions and production in January 2014.

How Kiss and the Home Office use radio to educate

CASE STUDY: How the Home Office and Bauer’s Kiss teamed up to help educate young people on the dangers of abuse in relationships. Hear the new package.

Skinny dipping in NZ

Is a station-led event based around Skinny Dipping going too far or the perfect way to engage listeners? New Zealand station The Edge gets listeners to bare all.

Please Hold Caller, Bauer’s interactive competition:

Bauer Radio’s Magic Network across the North of England has launched a competition where listeners can compete against up to 20-thousand others at the same time.

Radio 4 plans comedy push in digital marketing campaign

Radio 4 has kicked off a social media campaign to push their comedy offering which taps into Twitter to try to expand its audience.

6 great resources for learning about Radio

Looking to make your first steps into radio? Need some killer advice? Check out these great hand-picked resources for all you need to know.

5 ways to stop shit social media in radio

Learn 5 ways to stop doing ‘Shit Social Media in Radio’ from this short video that was shown at the 2013 Next Radio conference.

Olly Murs gives it some Heart in TV ad

Take a look at the new Heart TV advert which launches this weekend featuring Olly Murs and the ‘Heart Hands’ gesture to amplify the station strap line .. ‘Give It Some Heart’.

Capital FM launches new TV ad

Capital FM, the UK’s Hit Music Network launches a new TV creative today featuring the likes of Taylor Swift, will i am and Jessie J.

XFM’s Jon Holmes Tattoo Goes Global

XFM’s Breakfast Presenter Jon Holmes goes “Global” with his new backside tattoo – take a listen to the audio.

The importance of taking a creative break

Sometimes a little time out of the office is good for the creative brain. Here are 5 reasons why its important to break your conventional routine and do something different.

Time to Change at Real Radio

Time to Change, the mental health anti-stigma programme run by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, is launching a digital and radio campaign incorporating a partnership with Real Radio.

The Co-op uses radio tactically for baby George

The Co-Operative is running tactical radio ads across the commercial radio industry to celebrate the birth of the royal baby – take a listen here!

Are you a musical genius?

We’re big fans here at Earshot of being able to help talent get on its way with more work and jobs. Here’s a fantastic opportunity for you if you compose great music.

2013 Arqiva commercial radio award winners

Earshot Creative takes a look at the 2013 Arqiva Commercial Radio Award winners in the Marketing, Imaging and Production categories.

Do you get songs stuck in your head?

Do songs get stuck in your head? Doing a piece of production or hearing that song on the radio over and over again … we need your help!

How Playstation told stories with radio

To promote Playstation 3’s latest game – The Last of Us – the marketing team at Sony have used the original storytelling feature of radio to develop their latest ad campaign.

2013 Sony Radio Academy award winners review

Earshot Creative takes a look at some of the winners of this years Sony Awards in the production and marketing awards. gets a spring clean gets a bit of makeover with new editorial highlights and commercial integration – Earshot takes a look.

The 40 greatest radio promotions ever

A list of the best forty on air radio promotions as judged by Radio Today Australia. A great starting point for your next creative ideas session.