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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Capital Breakfast sounds tasty

A new ad from Capital to support the launch of its new national breakfast show with Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay.

The delicate mechanics of charity advertising

Charity advertising involves many ethical and social judgements. Here’s one campaign that hopes to get it right.

Podcast: A Million Ads, dynamic audio and personalised ads

The creative opportunities in dynamic audio with Steve Dunlop and Sam Crowther of A Million Ads.

Heart shows only radio is part of the family

Heart and Pandora demonstrate a key difference between streaming services and radio in their latest ads.

Capital FM tv spot, August 2016

Details of the latest advertising campaign for Capital’s stations in the UK.

Earshot podcast: Sara Hashem, Rick Loynes & Dan Seavers

100% commercial production with Sara Hashem, Rick Loynes, Dan Seavers and Clare Bowen of Radiocentre. Conditions apply.

The target listener: he’s called Keith.

Radio is the one-to-one medium so here’s an ad aimed at just one listener.

Not quite as good as Radio 4

How Share Radio introduced itself to readers of satirical magazine Private Eye.

JACK’s brand video

See how the UK’s Oxis Media is introducing its JACK and JACK 2 brand to clients and agencies in three minutes of video.

LBC ad campaign uses real time dynamic video

LBC launches breaking news-style ads that are live in four hours, using real-time, dynamically served video.

Radio’s soufflĂ© effect

Why don’t we hear more about the local businesses lifted by radio advertising?

The Chris Moyles Radio X tv ad

See the launch ad for Chris Moyles on Radio X.

Advertisers primed for X launch

Five key facts about Radio X from a B2B perspective that have helped advertisers to plan their campaigns.

The look of Capital

Radio stations need to be visible. Capital achieves this through its consistent visual style and regular tv exposure.

Heart’s Summer marketing campaign

This Summer, Global breaks national media campaign for Heart to position the station as the ultimate station of the Summer.

The radio ads that control your mobile

How Toyota got Siri-ous with radio ads to keep Swedish drivers safe on the road.

Lucozade syncs outdoor and radio ads

Primesight, GTN and MediaCom are launching a national real-time campaign for Lucozade Energy, which will see digital outdoor ads synchronised with radio spots.

Radio’s rare win at D&AD

A branded radio station for dogs fetched top prize in the D&AD awards this year. Hear the audio.

Global Radio presenters star in BT campaign

BT’s latest campaign runs across the Global Radio network with unique talent-led creative for each brand.

The 2015 buzz around digital audio

Could we be seeing digital audio finally getting a share of the spotlight in 2015?