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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Working from Home by Adam Venton

Freelance audio producer Adam Venton explores the realities of working from home – the dream and the unforseen.

The former radio DJ who cheers delayed railway passengers

Meet the train driver who calls passengers his “little apple strudels” and keeps them amused on one of Britain’s worst performing railways.

What do you tell the taxi driver you do for a job?

You work in radio but you’re not on the air. How do you tell the taxi driver without having to explain in detail what the hell you actually do?

Embrace the radio anorak says David Harber

Can jingle anoraks help us understand how to turn listeners into fans?

Want to learn more about being a voiceover?

Aspiring female voiceovers will get the chance to receive top industry training thanks to a Sound Women training event on 10th July.

The role of the producer – workshop

What makes a good radio producer? Radio execs from Bauer and BBC Radio 1 share their insights …

Eleven ways to make your next production even better

Turn up the heat and optimise the effectiveness of your promotions with our handy checklist.

I love your work

You must have some awesome plugins.

Nine strategic questions all creatives should ask

Writing for Earshot Creative, strategic media consultant Dirk Anthony says creatives would serve their businesses and their audiences better if only they’d stop and think.

29 ways to stay creative

Get fustrated in the brainstorm process -here’s 29 ways to always make sure that you stay creative! #29waystostaycreative

The love of radio

Read how a wonderful moment in Jonathan Jacob’s day demonstrates just how much people love radio.

Mrs Brown’s Boys and broad appeal

Steve considers what Mrs Brown’s Boys might teach us about delighting audiences.

How passion will power your radio career

To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work Sister Mary Lauretta Recent research has proved that people across...

Should we listen to audiences more?

This Monday, I was invited to give a lecture/deliver a workshop on commercial radio to the BTEC Media Production – Radio Studies course at...

Why creatives are always confused

Ha! I wanted to share some links with you. Confused creatives The first is this post from The Ad Contrarian which explains why creatives...

Six ways to get that promos or production gig

Six tips from Steve Martin to make yourself more likely to land that next production job.