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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Radio’s million pound giveaways

Four commercial radio practitioners share their perspectives on cash prize promotions in markets big and small.

Getting to a bigger brand

UK radio’s consolidation means responsibility and opportunity for station sound producers and imagers.

Presenting global brands locally

In a connected world how can you tell which Virgin is which?

LBC breaks the competition with Eddie Mair

By signing Eddie Mair, LBC has broken BBC Radio 4 for some listeners. It also provides the fix.

Breakfast radio hosts do one thing with alarming regularity

Can any UK presenter start or leave a breakfast show without mentioning their alarm clock? Earshot investigates.

Title v talent

What’s the point of adding programme titles if listeners can’t even remember your station name and your talent?

Fun new ways to use radio

With a station just for builders and one that’s more DIY, getting on air has never been easier.

The Bayer Top 8

Steve Martin finds the origins of the radio chart show in a surprising location.

Community Radio awards 2016 preview

Martin Steers of the Community Radio Awards explains why he wants to celebrate the sector’s best work and its volunteers.

Talking about the other guys

When is right to acknowledge your station’s rivals on air? Steve Martin argues we should be less uptight about it.

Radio in the dark

How one station responded to a major power cut in the heart of its local area.

Why all the branded intros, Daddy?

If your sole rationale is sounding cool you’re only getting half the benefit of branded intros says the daddy, Anthony Gay.

Mistaken identity for Free Radio’s hamster

When a local paper confused Free Radio’s hamster mascot with a squirrel hilarity ensued.

Can Bob get out of this Scot free?

A big reaction to a topical stunt, but can Bob FM avoid the longer term risks?

Global’s Newsroom and other new brands

As Global Radio introduces an on-air concept of “The Global Newsroom”, Steve Martin follows the trend to higher-level brands.

50 years of Manx Radio

Earshot wishes a happy 50th birthday to the longest-running commercial radio station in the British Isles.

I love your work

You must have some awesome plugins.

Smooth Radio, now with tv stardust

Smooth Radio has signed-up some starry talent with television news credentials. How will the station use them?

TalkSPORT and Twitter’s separation of convenience

What can we learn from TalkSPORT’s position on the Stan Collymore Twitter debate?

What’s your station’s hand gesture?

After Heart introduced a hand gesture branding device we explore the hand gestures of other stations.