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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

How Extra stations achieve critical mass for radio brands

How the announcement by Global Radio that it will launch Capital XTRA makes the brand a little bit bigger, broader and more certain to retain critical mass in a competitive market.

Ringing some changes on phone numbers

Run a competition or phone-in line? Here’s what radio stations need to know about the new Ofcom price plan proposals.

Nine strategic questions all creatives should ask

Writing for Earshot Creative, strategic media consultant Dirk Anthony says creatives would serve their businesses and their audiences better if only they’d stop and think.

Five reasons why Santa could work in radio

It’s Christmas – so time for a seasonal post as we attempt to try and liken Santa to someone who works in Radio! Merry Christmas.

Who’s afraid of the big brand wolf?

Brand-led radio is here to stay so let’s develop the brands that will rule the world, says Steve Martin.

Things get sold on brand and image

How important is brand and image in today’s radio landscape? Earshot examines how clear brand values affect the consumer’s propensity to engage in the product.

So farewell then, County Sound

UKRD will rebrand Surrey and Hampshire’s County Sound as Eagle Extra. Here’s why that’s a sensible move and what the station means to Earshot’s Steve Martin.

A little piece of your mind

There’s more to positioning than just choosing a music format and Ben Cooper has given away a big clue to BBC Radio 1’s future direction.

Snow expense incurred

BBC Local Radio is promoting its public service snow reports on public service television. How very public service.

Reality TV stars should not be on the radio, says Steve Timmins

In this guest post a Liverpool radio presenter looks at the effect of reality TV presenters hosting radio shows. Is it worth the risk?

A game of two halves

This weekend saw a few local footie teams fight for bragging rights in the local derbies. Have a listen to see how radio brings this to life with examples from Radio City, Absolute Radio and Real Radio North East.

When you run out of ideas…

…give away money. Is this really the most cost-effective and memorable way to position a station? Steve thinks not.

A fine line

The most effective promotional trails carry a clear message, a point of difference and a reason to act. They’re there to promote,...

Tips for music PDs who manage news

So you thought you were running a hit music station? This week’s events mean it could be right to break your normal format and add a...

The reassuring role of radio in a crisis

Looking after the listeners after the London riots of 2011

Listening to the radio is good for you, say scientists

So you spend all day listening to the radio -whether it be your own station or another. Well good news! Scientists have now proven that...

The Battle of Breakfast Radio

For those that work in radio – how often do you listen to other output on the dial? Maybe you listen to your direct competitors in...

Pips and Eddie Mair

When the BBC pips failed this afternoon, Radio 4 and the World Service lost not only their time signal but one of radio’s finest...

Guest Post: The Power of Local Radio

In a break to the usual format – todays blog post is a guest piece written by Neil Bentley (Breakfast Show presenter on The Severn)....

Tracking the big radio stories

Google trends can help you measure your brands.