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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Christmas, one ear at a time.

Enjoy some inventive use of stereo audio in this promo from Tone Radio at the University of Gloucestershire.

30 ideas from Radiodays Europe 2015

One of the most thought-provoking and enjoyable sessions at Radiodays Europe showcases 30 ideas in 45 minutes. Here they are.

Your first idea is probably not your best says Ira Glass

The title for This American Life was the delightful result of a creative team session.

BBC Eurovision station pops-up to boost digital

BBC Radio 2 invests in original content for the Eurovision Song Contest to help push digital listening.

Beano characters take over Fun Kids

Guest contributor Matt Deegan explains how Fun Kids found its way into a Beano storyline.

Do you get songs stuck in your head?

Do songs get stuck in your head? Doing a piece of production or hearing that song on the radio over and over again … we need your help!

The 40 greatest radio promotions ever

A list of the best forty on air radio promotions as judged by Radio Today Australia. A great starting point for your next creative ideas session.

5 creative marketing ideas from Student Radio

Get some ideas from the broadcasters of tomorrow with five nifty marketing ideas from student radio in this guest blog post from Stephen Dew

10 inspiring TED talks for radio creatives

TED talks are based around “ideas worth spreading”. Earshot compiles 10 TED talks to inspire radio creatives.

How BBC Radio 1 thought different to create worldwide PR

It’s very hard to get above the noise and get PR coverage for a radio interview – however, thinking things through a little differently and being honest and true can sometimes work …

29 ways to stay creative

Get fustrated in the brainstorm process -here’s 29 ways to always make sure that you stay creative! #29waystostaycreative

Coca Cola turns an iPhone into a boom box

How Coca Cola FM in Brazil has turned the branded wrap of a teen magazine into a makeshift iPhone speaker port.

Applying change: the risks and rewards

Change is inevitable, but can it help enhance creativity or does it risk turning a good thing bad?

Creativity on tap, by Paul Chantler

Guest writer and radio programming veteran Paul Chantler says creativity is always within reach and he’s launched a service to help stimulate it.

Title first, feature second?

Could this be a secret route to a great radio idea?

Think the unthinkable

Why Phil Riley’s brave radio rebrand in the West Midlands should encourage us all to push our biggest ideas.

How do you involve your listeners?

Do you ever step back and think – “how can we involve the listener more?”. After all, the listeners are the one that ticks your station in the diary. Listener are strange creatures who make or break your station. You can have the best Breakfast DJ in the world – but if no one listens – then there’s not much use!

BBC Radio 2 turned upside down

One way to challenge perceptions is to take a fresh perspective on what’s always been there. Until I lived in Scotland I thought...

Better brainstorms: 3. The Rules

In previous posts of this series we looked at reasons why you might want a brainstorm, good places to hold one and whom to invite. Today...

Better brainstorms: 2. Whom to invite?

Around ten years ago I worked for what is now Red Bee Media. One of our clients was the BBC’s Nations and Regions...