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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

The story of Max by John Ryan

The creator of Manchester’s 80s station, Max, reveals how the project was born, the story of its imaging and the one thing Max never does.

Launches: why bother?

Only a handful of people heard it, so why did new 80s station Max put so much effort into its launch audio?

A fresh sound for Austria’s KRONEHIT

Some stability in Europe – the Austrian hit music station carefully updates its imaging while continuing to underpin a consistent identity.

Imaging Days 2015 preview

The conference that’s all about Imaging returns to Amsterdam in October with two keynote names announced.

Clients get the jingles they deserve

Two radio stations who know how to get the best work from the jingle companies they commission.

The Americans are coming. Again.

The US voiceovers on BBC Radio 2 Country and other British stations, plus the legendary voice of JR Nelson.

Why Five Live was right to drop its imaging for Paris

In this guest post – Chris Stevens, Founder & Composer of Ignite Jingles and Devaweb looks at why BBC 5 Live dropped its production and imaging during the Paris attacks.

iHeart Radio’s open pitch for imaging and production

Online creative community Talenthouse gives producers the chance to design and produce for iHeartRadio. Earshot looks at the pros and cons of this opportunity.

Why all the branded intros, Daddy?

If your sole rationale is sounding cool you’re only getting half the benefit of branded intros says the daddy, Anthony Gay.

The Imaging Days 2014 – day two

Steve live-blogged The Imaging Days in Haarlem and here’s what happened on day two of the specialist production event.

The Imaging Days 2014 – day one

All the imaging, the gossip and the bedgate scandal as it happened at The Imaging Days event in Haarlem in The Netherlands.

James Stodd is on Fire

Hear the hot new imaging on Celador’s hit music station in Southern England.

The Imaging Days are coming

Organiser Anthony Timmers explains the thinking behind the first ever European event about radio imaging and production.

Embrace the radio anorak says David Harber

Can jingle anoraks help us understand how to turn listeners into fans?

You control Reelworld

Imaging fun with an all-day challenge as radio stations stretched Reelworld’s Production Vault service to the limit.

A logo that lasts a lifetime

A famous local logo melody is back on the air in Sussex.

Sound masterclass with Ben Townsend

Ben Townsend from Wise Buddah jingles demonstrates how he generates creative ideas and showcases production techniques from his recent work for Bauer Media.

The sound of your station – masterclass

Chris Nicoll – Head of Production at Capital FM and Capital XTRA gives his top tips to upcoming producers on how to get the best for their on-air station sound.

New sound & imaging for Bauer’s Place portfolio

Take a listen to Bauer’s brand new station sound and imaging for their Place portfolio of stations.

LBC goes national – new jingle package

A new jingle package triumphantly heralds the arrival of national LBC.