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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Heart’s Uptown Dinosaur roams the North West

A hit from today, one from the 80s and a creature from Jurassic times in a video mashup.

Forth’s matchmaker video explains its new line-up

Bauer’s video introduces Forth 1, 2 and 3 as contrasting characters in a matchmaking video.

Radio 4 and the #airspace trend

A nimble move on Twitter from BBC Radio 4 generates immediate value for the network and its audience.

That fuzzy line between content and promotion

Two new examples of content that acts as promotion for its stations.

Radio social media in summer 2014

Earshot explores social media techniques that we expect could get bigger in the coming months.

Video: DJ Earworm’s mashup for Heart

Enjoy this trademark Earworm quality fusion of catchy hooks from Heart’s playlist in video.

BBC Radio 1’s Seize Summer campaign

Guest contributor Matt Deegan likes the Seize Summer video shorts campaign from BBC Radio 1.

Making your mind up

Rescan your DAB, update your RadioPlayer and iPlayer Radio apps, Britain’s newest, most fleetingest radio station is just about...

EastEnders uses radio for its biggest ever storyline

The death of EastEnders character Lucy Beale is touted as its bigger ever storyline. Radio promotion is central to the marketing.

Michael Bublé promotes the new Smooth Radio

Michael Bublé makes an entrance in the launch film for the new Smooth Radio.

Smooth Radio, now with tv stardust

Smooth Radio has signed-up some starry talent with television news credentials. How will the station use them?

Capital FM, back with a new tv spot

No, it’s not made from Lego but there’s still lots to like about this.

Smart radio stations are promoting the UK Radioplayer this Christmas

A new campaign for Radioplayer breaks on Boxing Day. Every commercial and community station in the UK can get involved.

Capital XTRA wants curious listeners

With more safety risks per second than any other radio station promo spot you’ve seen this year, Capital XTRA believes the future belongs to the curious.

Radio 4 plans comedy push in digital marketing campaign

Radio 4 has kicked off a social media campaign to push their comedy offering which taps into Twitter to try to expand its audience.

Taylor Swift radio contest ambushed by “creep” friends

When Boston’s Kiss 108 invited fans of Taylor Swift to meet her and attend her gig, they didn’t count on a tasteless online subversion.

The making of the BBC’s Lincoln lip dub

The inside story of the epic Lincoln lip-dub video from executive producer Charlie Partridge. gets a spring clean gets a bit of makeover with new editorial highlights and commercial integration – Earshot takes a look.

The new RadioPlayer campaign

This week sees the launch of a new extensive multi-platform campaign to promote Radioplayer to a wider audience encompassing radio ads, Google Admob banners, Facebook ads, Twitter, online and digital outdoor display.

How talkSPORT brings seven big FA games to life

This weekend (if you include Monday) saw seven big FA Cup games played with all commentary coming from the big shots over at talkSPORT – so seven magnificent games is the perfect excuse to be a little bit creative with a promo trail, no?!