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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Managing on air identity during a major news event

Breaking news in radio and what it means for on-air promotions and identity management.

The 40 greatest radio promotions ever

A list of the best forty on air radio promotions as judged by Radio Today Australia. A great starting point for your next creative ideas session.

Apply the tripod test to your next promotion

Steve Martin explains what radio promotions can learn from furniture design. It’s a metaphor, folks.

Kiss launches app for listeners to remix Kiss tracks

Kiss has launched a new Remixer app that allows listeners to download and remix Kiss artist tracks which will lead to download chart sales.

Six tips for using Skype on the radio

Skype calls can sound great on the radio. Here are some tips for getting the most from this free and ubiquitous VoIP platform.

Tips for music PDs who manage news

So you thought you were running a hit music station? This week’s events mean it could be right to break your normal format and add a...

How to make a radio promo, apparently

You’ll laugh when you hear this, but how much of it is the truth when you put together your next big station promotion or S&P...

Open mouthed

Don’t attempt to book Jon Holmes, Laura Shavin, Peter Dickson or Dave Kelly for a voiceover session on the evening of Tuesday 22...

Video now

Next week, Choice FM is running a “Music Potential Taster Day” ¬†for 16-25 year olds. It’s sponsored by Barclaycard...

Tracking the big radio stories

Google trends can help you measure your brands.

A cloudy forecast

Every now and then we see a production innovation that doesn’t just build on existing techniques but signals a move toward a totally...

There’s a cow in the lounge

As they say on BBC Radio 4… “Listeners may be interested to know…” …that the Earshot Creative Review radio...

Adobe Audition meets Mac

What’s your favourite audio editing software? I remember a big Sadie v ProTools debate in the BBC many years back when somebody came...

How production used to be done

This is a great fun video introduction to an awards category at the American Mercury Radio Awards from 1995. I have no idea why this has...