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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Breakfast radio hosts do one thing with alarming regularity

Can any UK presenter start or leave a breakfast show without mentioning their alarm clock? Earshot investigates.

Radio: get the look

Why radio is taking responsibility for its own portrayal.

The 61 film dialogue clichés you’ll want to use

You can’t write a movie parody without some proper film clichés.

The value in a station name

The introduction of many new national radio brands in the UK reminds us what’s in a name and what we must add through marketing.

Today’s news, yesterday’s music

Barack Obama meets Jimi Hendrix in this radio station print ad from Equador.

Let’s hear it for creativity, says Radio Airtime Media

It is important to create clutter breaking radio advertising to stand out against your competitors, but while standing out your advert must be easy on the ear and relevant to your product or service.

Mrs Brown’s Boys and broad appeal

Steve considers what Mrs Brown’s Boys might teach us about delighting audiences.

talkSPORT’s Goodfellas parody trails

Memorable station trails can boost your station’s hours – take a listen to some new creative from talkSPORT.

48 ways to better writing

Avoid clichés like the plague, never use a big word when a diminutive one would suffice and other tips for writers.

Avoiding the clichés

Guest contributor Alistair Miskin with those radio script clichés that come up time and time again.

Five creative perils

Steve Martin shares five reasons why great creative ideas can end-up making mundane radio. Discover the lurking creative perils and what you can do about them.

How to make a radio promo, apparently

You’ll laugh when you hear this, but how much of it is the truth when you put together your next big station promotion or S&P...

Sub your strap – Capital did

Last year, we witnessed a clash of CHR straplines in Manchester. Now, as Capital FM launches there, it has quietly dropped the words...

Six words

What six words best describe your station?

The tiny copy change that shifted perception worldwide

It seldom does any harm to suck-up to the boss. At least that’s what I keep telling my team. So you won’t be surprised to hear...