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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Connect to Earshot with ipDTL

High quality, low delay audio.

We like the sound of that. That’s why we use ipDTL for remote interviews on the Earshot Creative podcasts.

To take part all you need is a half-decent internet connection, a Chrome browser and these instructions.

Contribute like a pro

1. Click this banner

2. Type your firstname to log-in. You do not need your own account.

3. On the panel set the Audio Send Quality to 72 kbps and the Audio Source to pick-up your mic.

ipDTL panel

4. Listen back on headphones.

5. The green “Ready” bar turns red when you’re live. Just wait for that.

Now you're live - ooo 'eck

6. Enjoy your contribution and keep an eye on your levels.

Get an ipDTL account of your own

Use this affiliate link and Earshot Creative will receive a few crumbs from the table.