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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Earshot’s supporters

Earshot is made possible by the support of radio friends from across the industry.

We never write for money but we do welcome advertising from organisations we believe offer brilliant, world-class products and whose support can help us make the site and the podcast even better for you.


Our supporters allow us to attend industry events and meet interesting radio people, to help meet web and production costs and to buy a round of beers when we record our podcasts.



Since 1994, we’ve been transforming the sound of radio station after radio station with great gusto and aplomb. ReelWorld provides everything from jingles as hot as today’s hit music, to custom-created music tracks and fully produced radio imaging and branding tools. Our products and services air every minute of every day on thousands of radio stations across six continents (we’re working on Antarctica, give us time).

If you listen to radio, chances are you’ve heard our stuff.

Our growing suite of custom music contains more than 40,000 tracks that span a wide variety of musical genres including Pop, Rock, Country, and Rhythmic. We also have a full library of sound design and effects with more than 15,000 components. And it’s all still growing.

People describe us as a jingle company, a production library, an imaging group and a prep service, but we see it differently: We’re a company that helps radio stations make great radio. Which is why we’re all in this crazy business to begin with.


Get in touch with Reelworld

Telephone +44 161 768 0039

17.02 Blue Tower
MediaCity UK
Salford, M50 2ST




With simple, intuitive software for journalists, stations and digital audio publishers Hindenburg helps to tear down the technical divide between radio’s storytellers and its audience.

Its innovative technological features allow audio raconteurs to focus on telling great stories, while its software ensures broadcast quality results.

Hindenburg products are developed in close collaboration with professional and amateur users to ensure that every tool provide real solutions – today and in the digital future.


The Imaging Days

One event. All the imaging.

Held at De Nieuwe Liefde, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Two days dedicated to radio imaging in the company of some of the world’s leading station identification and branding practitioners.



ipDTL logo

Remote audio and video for broadcasters. The 21st Century replacement for ISDN.

ipDTL connects stations and contributors with high quality, low delay, two way audio at a fraction of the price of traditional ISDN.