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Earshot podcast: John Vorhaus and Dr Becky Spelman

Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman and comedy writer John Vorhaus join Steve and Hayley to share their expertise in creative thinking and the processes that support it.

Quick tip: A/B comparison

The hidden shortcut within ProTools that lets you switch between solo’d tracks in an instant for an immediate comparison.

The Bayer Top 8

Steve Martin finds the origins of the radio chart show in a surprising location.

Quick tip: formant correction

Formant correction makes your timestretching tweaks more natural but you have to have the tools for the job, and the right settings.

How to enhance voice recording with EQ

Understand how EQ affects the quality of voice with this helpful tutorial from Andy Sannemann.

Quick tip: user default preset

Get one step ahead every time you load a plugin with this ProTools timesaving tip from Christian Troitzsch.

Campaign secrets of ‘Magic in New York’

Inside one of Bauer’s top 3 campaigns of the year, with Head of Film, Sarah Clarke.

Quick tip: automatic elastic tempo

Snap songs quickly into tempo every time without manual stretching or fiddly guesswork.

Quick tip: tab to transient

How to quickly find transients, select beats and avoid all that zooming in and out of waveforms in ProTools.

Quick tip: batch normalise individual files

How to save time with batch normalisation of clips in ProTools. By Dr Quick Tips, Christian Troitzsch.

Find the BPM of any song

Two ways to calculate the beats-per-minute of all your favourite songs.

Quick tip: region sync point

Christian Troitzsch from 89.0 RTL shares a quick tip on ProTools to accelerate your workflow and make more time to be creative.

The Imaging Days 2016 – day two afternoon

Comprehensive digital coverage of Europe’s imaging event, direct from Die Lichtfabrik, Haarlem, Netherlands. This post shows all the afternoon sessions from day two.

The Imaging Days 2016 – day two morning

Dive into the morning sessions from day two as Earshot’s comprehensive digital coverage of The Imaging Days continues from Die Lichtfabrik, Haarlem, Netherlands.