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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

LBC breaks the competition with Eddie Mair

By signing Eddie Mair, LBC has broken BBC Radio 4 for some listeners. It also provides the fix.

Horror on Headphones

Sound can be a pretty powerful thing and this Halloween the team at BBC Radio 4 are using sound to scare.

Radio 4 and the #airspace trend

A nimble move on Twitter from BBC Radio 4 generates immediate value for the network and its audience.

Want to learn more about being a voiceover?

Aspiring female voiceovers will get the chance to receive top industry training thanks to a Sound Women training event on 10th July.

Radio 4 plans comedy push in digital marketing campaign

Radio 4 has kicked off a social media campaign to push their comedy offering which taps into Twitter to try to expand its audience.

Earshot podcast: 2013 Sony winners

Radio 4 collides with Jack FM while Radio 2 keeps on smiling as James Stodd, Richard Culver and Chris Reay play their award winning audio in our production podcast. Download and enjoy.

2013 Sony Radio Academy award winners review

Earshot Creative takes a look at some of the winners of this years Sony Awards in the production and marketing awards.

Using video to bring you new listeners

When you need to get speech radio content to new ears you might find, as BBC Radio 4 has, that video is part of the answer.

BBC Radio 4 changing carefully

As BBC Radio 4 makes its biggest set of schedule changes in years, hear how it is using on-air promotion to inform its listeners of what’s new.

Creative Review for January

Steve Martin, James Stodd and Dan Snaith The Earshot Creative Review is a new feature in which some of radio’s finest production and...

Breakfast is still about personality, even in news

Red Nose Day gives us all the opportunity to do something funny for money. And that includes BBC Radio 4’s Today programme which has...