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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Visualised radio: great for art

See how one radio programme used a simple video format to enhance an interview about photography.

Wimbledon, as heard around the world

How the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon is being promoted on radio around the world.

Bill Gates voices a BBC promo

What’s Bill Gates doing promoting a BBC radio programme?

Creative Review for October

BBC London’s Paul Hilton with Ben Motley of BBC Global News at the piano. This month, the sound of London. Paul Hilton runs...

Creative Review for May

This month Mike Cooper and Emma Clarke reflect on radio production and imaging work from the perspective of a radio voice artist....

The sounds of success

This post is based on a ten minute conversation I held recently with Kate Arkless Gray about the BBC’s Save Our Sounds campaign....

Radio on the telly

The BBC World Service is running a series of promotional films and radio promos in the UK in the coming weeks. I thought you might like to...

The tiny copy change that shifted perception worldwide

It seldom does any harm to suck-up to the boss. At least that’s what I keep telling my team. So you won’t be surprised to hear...


According to Ofcom, something close to ten million UK households use the Freeview digital terrestrial tv platform as their primary means...