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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Breakfast radio hosts do one thing with alarming regularity

Can any UK presenter start or leave a breakfast show without mentioning their alarm clock? Earshot investigates.

Liverpool’s Juice FM launches new breakfast show

Liverpool’s Juice FM launches new Breakfast Show but does their launch marketing look a little familiar?

How Kiss and the Home Office use radio to educate

CASE STUDY: How the Home Office and Bauer’s Kiss teamed up to help educate young people on the dangers of abuse in relationships. Hear the new package.

XFM’s Jon Holmes Tattoo Goes Global

XFM’s Breakfast Presenter Jon Holmes goes “Global” with his new backside tattoo – take a listen to the audio.

The art of Radio Imaging Production

In this guest post, Orion Media’s David Lloyd explores the challenges of writing a radio promo script …

talkSPORT’s Goodfellas parody trails

Memorable station trails can boost your station’s hours – take a listen to some new creative from talkSPORT.

Kiss launch new breakfast show ad

Kiss launch new TV creative to promote the Breakfast Show featuring Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. Watch the TV spot here.

Breakfast in the Afternoon

Bauer has launched ‘The Kiss Breakfast Takeaway’ – a bitesized chunk of the best bits of the Breakfast Show. Earshot takes a look.

Great radio station marketing

There are some creative marketing monkeys in radio right now coming up with some nice stand out ideas. Whether they help amplify the...

The Battle of Breakfast Radio

For those that work in radio – how often do you listen to other output on the dial? Maybe you listen to your direct competitors in...

Breakfast is still about personality, even in news

Red Nose Day gives us all the opportunity to do something funny for money. And that includes BBC Radio 4’s Today programme which has...