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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

The importance of taking a creative break

Sometimes a little time out of the office is good for the creative brain. Here are 5 reasons why its important to break your conventional routine and do something different.

29 ways to stay creative

Get fustrated in the brainstorm process -here’s 29 ways to always make sure that you stay creative! #29waystostaycreative

Applying change: the risks and rewards

Change is inevitable, but can it help enhance creativity or does it risk turning a good thing bad?

Creativity on tap, by Paul Chantler

Guest writer and radio programming veteran Paul Chantler says creativity is always within reach and he’s launched a service to help stimulate it.

Better brainstorms: 3. The Rules

In previous posts of this series we looked at reasons why you might want a brainstorm, good places to hold one and whom to invite. Today...

Better brainstorms: 2. Whom to invite?

Around ten years ago I worked for what is now Red Bee Media. One of our clients was the BBC’s Nations and Regions...

Better brainstorms: 1. Be somewhere else

Where are you when you come up with your best ideas? If you’ve ever asked this question to a room of radio people you’ll know...

10 ways to a better brainstorm

What’s the best way to run a creative brainstorm? It’s the one question I get asked more than any other. The answer...