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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

JACK’s brand video

See how the UK’s Oxis Media is introducing its JACK and JACK 2 brand to clients and agencies in three minutes of video.

Jack FM Bristol takes “Gorilla” stunt to the next level

Jack Bristol rebranded for the day to Jock FM to celebrate the opening of the new gorilla house at Bristol Zoo – find out more with Earshot.

Bam Bam’s stellar theme song

An intergalactic singalong intro for the mighty Bam Bam of the Universe.

Earshot podcast: 2013 Sony winners

Radio 4 collides with Jack FM while Radio 2 keeps on smiling as James Stodd, Richard Culver and Chris Reay play their award winning audio in our production podcast. Download and enjoy.

2012 Arqiva award winners review

So, in what seems like a timely tradition with Earshot – lets take a look into some of the production and marketing worthy winners at the 2012 Arqiva Commerical Radio Awards.

Jack FM in freefall

The South Coast’s biggest vertical descent is now sponsored by Jack FM. Scary.

Jack up your van

Remember the radio station car sticker? Tacky in more ways than one. The guys at Jack FM on the South Coast have gone one step further.

Earshot podcast: April 2010

Arden Hanley of Global Radio (Aussie) and Chris Nicol of WizzFX (Kiwi) now both loving London. Plus a man with a foil tray. It’s the...

Earshot podcast: March 2010

Vince Lynch of Absolute Radio and Joe Thomas from Oxford’s FM 107.9 and Jack FM. Recorded in a pub, this is the Earshot Creative...

Fox in a box

I like Oxfordshire’s Jack FM, even if they did nick this idea from us and do this with it, merely years later. Well, I nicked these...