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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Are you hearing what I’m hearing?

Get your mix right for real-world listening conditions. Steve Martin gathers monitoring tips from across the industry.

Testing our loyalty

How loyal are listeners to their favourite stations? It’s time for a look at the facts. Here’s what the data shows.

Festive listening 2011

If you get a bit of time over the festive season to treat your ears to some aural pleasures here are Earshot’s recommeded radio and production-related listening choices.

How do you involve your listeners?

Do you ever step back and think – “how can we involve the listener more?”. After all, the listeners are the one that ticks your station in the diary. Listener are strange creatures who make or break your station. You can have the best Breakfast DJ in the world – but if no one listens – then there’s not much use!

Reasons to be cheerful. Number 2.

Listening is a secondary activity. Unlike cinema, much television, gaming and many web-related activities which grab you by the eyeballs...