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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Radio’s soufflé effect

Why don’t we hear more about the local businesses lifted by radio advertising?

That fuzzy line between content and promotion

Two new examples of content that acts as promotion for its stations.

6 cool radio things in January 2014

If you’ve spent the month doing dry January and those extra hours in the gym – then there’s a few tidbits out there that you may have misted. Here’s Earshot’s handy run down of cool things in radio marketing, promotions and production in January 2014.

Xfm’s Round Our Way

Xfm maps Manchester in song.

Guest Post: The Power of Local Radio

In a break to the usual format – todays blog post is a guest piece written by Neil Bentley (Breakfast Show presenter on The Severn)....

Telling the truth

Telford, Shropshire When radio stations close, merge or reduce their local content the message for listeners and advertisers is not always...

Awards roundup 2009

First, and coming first, congratulations to Stuart Barrett, Toby Whitehouse and editor John Ryan for their work at BBC Radio Manchester....