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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Share Radio advertises on the Tube

London’s new money radio station encourages trial through ads on the Underground.

Earshot at Imaging Days and Next Radio 2014

We’re in London and Amsterdam next week at two key radio industry events – find out more.

Global Radio creative, centre stage in Edinburgh 2014

Global Radio will put the art of radio creativity centre stage at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival with ‘Open Studio Sessions’

The London Olympics through others’ eyes

One event, many promo styles. How tv channels around the world are projecting the 2012 London Olympics.

Wimbledon, as heard around the world

How the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon is being promoted on radio around the world.

Capital launches poster campaign in London and Birmingham

It seems to be all systems go in the marketing department at Global Radio’s hit music network right now as Capital FM launches a regional poster campaign.

Radio is on your side

Choice FM puts its brand affinity and radio’s unique closeness to good work in this classic PSA from 2007.

Magic’s bus stop trialling

Magic 105.4 used innovative outdoor display advertisers to engage advertisers during the busy Christmas period across London.

It’s Invitation Tuesday

Yes, we’ve rebranded a normal day of the week. It’s Invitation Tuesday, when your Earshot needs you.

The reassuring role of radio in a crisis

Looking after the listeners after the London riots of 2011

Creative Review for October

BBC London’s Paul Hilton with Ben Motley of BBC Global News at the piano. This month, the sound of London. Paul Hilton runs...

Missed the bus?

When your station offers a mass-market proposition in a highly competitive city like London a bit of visibility can really drive...

Pirate radio in London

I’m indebted to¬†Andy Buckingham for highlighting this video. It is striking in two ways: Whatever you think about pirate radio in...

Radio at the Edge

If you want to make your radio promotions ever-more compelling and effective you really need to think about what’s next in radio and...

Student Radio awards 2008 – memories

With apologies for the lack of recent bloggery (working hard, new channel launch, consultancy in Kenya, getting ahead for Christmas etc.)...