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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

The story of Max by John Ryan

The creator of Manchester’s 80s station, Max, reveals how the project was born, the story of its imaging and the one thing Max never does.

Launches: why bother?

Only a handful of people heard it, so why did new 80s station Max put so much effort into its launch audio?

Key 103 and XFM get tasty with online advertising ..

Key 103 and XFM Manchester go head to head (or shall that be bread to bread) in a cheeky online marketing campaign.

Smooth Radio to launch ‘Feed Your Soul’ campaign

Smooth Radio is launching their new ‘Feed Your Soul’ campaign to help drive listeners in key areas such as Manchester and Birmingham. Earshot takes a look ..

Could it be Magic? No, it’s Take That 103?

From sitting on frozen blocks of ice to broadcasting non-stop for three days – radio is well known for doing its fair share of...

The Capital FM Flashmobs

On Monday morning – a handful of Galaxy stations across the UK joined together with a handful of ‘Hit Music’ stations to...

The future of radio imaging, 2010

Given that anybody who makes a bad prediction in public is forever reminded of their folly, I’m surprised the Radio Academy has...