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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Managing on air identity during a major news event

Breaking news in radio and what it means for on-air promotions and identity management.

The Co-op uses radio tactically for baby George

The Co-Operative is running tactical radio ads across the commercial radio industry to celebrate the birth of the royal baby – take a listen here!

You choose the news

Last week, the news team at Metro Radio handed over their years of journalistic training to the listener and let them ‘choose the...

Everything changes?

How an innocuous line in a news bulletin fell foul of Ofcom’s rules.


Promoting the BBC season that aims to explain the aftershocks of the global recession.

Breakfast is still about personality, even in news

Red Nose Day gives us all the opportunity to do something funny for money. And that includes BBC Radio 4’s Today programme which has...

Radio wins the snowball fight

“Good Morning” said the DJ at 4pm. It was the third air shift in one day for Delta Radio’s Stuart Clark so you can...