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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Boris Johnson gets stuck on the Kiss Zip Line

Sometimes you just can’t plan the PR you will get .. take a look at how Kiss received worldwide coverage of their Olympic events partnership and how they’ve brought it to life for their listeners.

The 2012 London Olympics on radio – preview

In just a few days time – the eyes of the world will be on a small town in East London as the Olympic games descends on London. Earshot takes a look at how radio will be playing its part to bring coverage to life.

The London Olympics through others’ eyes

One event, many promo styles. How tv channels around the world are projecting the 2012 London Olympics.

Radio 1 to stage its biggest ever live music event

At the start of 2011 – Earshot Creative announced that Radio 1 were to hold a major music event for  young people across London to...

Radio 1 holds event of Olympic proportions

BBC Radio 1 have this week announced they’re to organise their ‘biggest and most ambitious’ live music concert. The event, called “Radio 1...