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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

The art of Radio Imaging Production

In this guest post, Orion Media’s David Lloyd explores the challenges of writing a radio promo script …

Free Radio tv creative

Earshot takes a look at Orion Media’s new TV creative, running across the Midlands throughout May.

Things get sold on brand and image

How important is brand and image in today’s radio landscape? Earshot examines how clear brand values affect the consumer’s propensity to engage in the product.

Think the unthinkable

Why Phil Riley’s brave radio rebrand in the West Midlands should encourage us all to push our biggest ideas.

Jam up the pump

What do we want? Cheap petrol. When do we want it? When the cost of topping-up the tank is top-of-mind. Like on budget day. So fuel marks...

Major radio station marketing in the Midlands

In the coming weeks – listeners across the Midlands will see exciting marketing campaigns to promote two Orion Media stations. BRMB...