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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

BBC Radio 1’s Seize Summer campaign

Guest contributor Matt Deegan likes the Seize Summer video shorts campaign from BBC Radio 1.

A new recipe at Capital FM

With a radio network, tv channel, online and social media platforms, what seems the next logical brand extension for Capital FM? A burger, of course!

Absolute brings a TV ad to life with radio

Absolute Radio brings Wall’s sausage roll TV creative to life with radio promotion.

Programming v Commercial

It’s the battle which has kept commercial radio going for years … Programming v Commercial

How do you launch an on air promotion?

Earshot shines some light into how Birmingham’s BRMB are launching their station promotion – The Shadow.

Radio GaGa

The North East is getting a taste of Ga Ga this October. Read all about the latest promotion from the guys at Metro Radio, that really is Radio Ga Ga!

Listening to the radio is good for you, say scientists

So you spend all day listening to the radio -whether it be your own station or another. Well good news! Scientists have now proven that...

How to make a radio promo, apparently

You’ll laugh when you hear this, but how much of it is the truth when you put together your next big station promotion or S&P...

Fox in a box

I like Oxfordshire’s Jack FM, even if they did nick this idea from us and do this with it, merely years later. Well, I nicked these...

Breakfast is still about personality, even in news

Red Nose Day gives us all the opportunity to do something funny for money. And that includes BBC Radio 4’s Today programme which has...

Word of the day: Fataafat

In 2006 I was invited to speak to a gathering of advertising agencies and radio people in Mumbai. As the new private Indian FM radio...