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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Radio: get the look

Why radio is taking responsibility for its own portrayal.

The target listener: he’s called Keith.

Radio is the one-to-one medium so here’s an ad aimed at just one listener.

Air your briefs

Win prizes and acclaim in a new competition for radio advertising creatives.

New app to produce demo radio ads launches

Looking for an app to help you test, demo and record your radio scripts? The RAB has come up with a new app to do just that.

The most effective ads of 2014 so far

What you might think of as “creative” advertising isn’t always the most effective, suggests the latest RadioGauge ranking.

Better risk warnings for payday loan ads

The Financial Conduct Authority has approved a short, snappy risk warning to accompany ads for certain consumer credit products.

6 cool radio things in January 2014

If you’ve spent the month doing dry January and those extra hours in the gym – then there’s a few tidbits out there that you may have misted. Here’s Earshot’s handy run down of cool things in radio marketing, promotions and production in January 2014.

Earshot Creative Review, September 2012

Our monthly podcast with secrets of great radio advertising from Clare Bowen and Lenja Papp, and the first big test for our voice talent competition contestants in the Hobsons Voicesearch 2012.

New head to shoulder creative challenge

Congratulations to Clare Bowen in becoming the RAB’s first Head of Creative Development.

Britain Loves Radio

A mammoth 91% of the adult population tune into their favourite radio stations every week. Starting from next week, the RAB will launch a multi level campaign to remind advertisers and agencies that Britain really does LOVE radio!

Listening to the radio is good for you, say scientists

So you spend all day listening to the radio -whether it be your own station or another. Well good news! Scientists have now proven that...

Route into radio

Skillset and The Radio Academy have launched a fantastic new resource today called Route Into Radio. It gives young people a real insight...

Brand integration on radio: what it means for brands

Now that Ofcom has relaxed the rules on brand integration, Jonathan Jacob provides practical examples of what brands can do on the radio.