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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Magic launches new print campaign in London

Magic 105.4 has ran a celebratory press campaign this week in the Metro and Evening Standard – take a look.

Testing our loyalty

How loyal are listeners to their favourite stations? It’s time for a look at the facts. Here’s what the data shows.

1Xtra’s new terrapin tv ad

National digital urban music station 1Xtra launches a wild new tv promo as it celebrates its highest audience to date.

Maybe advertising does work after all

Matthew Rouse, account director at Mindshare, gives an agency view on RAJAR’s Winners & Losers and National Brands…...

Can a Twitter trending topic be a measureable metric?

Yesterday saw the first in a set of announcements across the newly formed national Capital FM network – in regards to the line-up...

Reasons to be cheerful. Number 1.

Reach. Today’s Rajar results say 45.5 million people listen to the radio in Britain every week for an average of just over 22 hours...