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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Audiograms and shared audio

WNYC’s audiograms make audio more likely to go viral. They’ve shared their audio, now they share their code.

How Periscope can be useful to radio

You may have heard the word ‘lets get on periscope’, ‘let’s ‘periscope that’ but what actually is this new app and how can radio use it?

Radio social media in summer 2014

Earshot explores social media techniques that we expect could get bigger in the coming months.

How Heart arrived – the regional marketing campaign

Heart launches a new marketing campaign in former Real Radio areas and Earshot Creative takes a look.

How did the LBC debate perform?

LBC achieved mass PR and promotional coverage as a result of hosting the first on air debate between Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats and Nigel Farage of UKIP. We explore the scale of it.

Radio 4 plans comedy push in digital marketing campaign

Radio 4 has kicked off a social media campaign to push their comedy offering which taps into Twitter to try to expand its audience.

5 ways to stop shit social media in radio

Learn 5 ways to stop doing ‘Shit Social Media in Radio’ from this short video that was shown at the 2013 Next Radio conference.

The making of the BBC’s Lincoln lip dub

The inside story of the epic Lincoln lip-dub video from executive producer Charlie Partridge.

Key 103 and XFM get tasty with online advertising ..

Key 103 and XFM Manchester go head to head (or shall that be bread to bread) in a cheeky online marketing campaign.

What happens when you post your status from the wrong account?

In today’s every increasing social connected world – the role of social media as a comms tool for radio stations is ever more apparent – what happens when you slip up?

How can a radio station be social?

As Capital FM scores a place in the top 100 social brands chart we ask whether radio is the original social media.

Classic FM relaunch Facebook page with classical music timeline

Classic FM have re-launched their Facebook page with a beautifully presented Classical music timeline, making great use of Facebook’s page features.

Pinterest: what’s in it for radio?

Are you ‘pinning’? Earshot shares some practical tips on how radio stations can engage new audiences with the popular ‘Pinterest’ social media network – after all .. a picture is worth a thousand words.

Breakfast in the Afternoon

Bauer has launched ‘The Kiss Breakfast Takeaway’ – a bitesized chunk of the best bits of the Breakfast Show. Earshot takes a look.

You choose the news

Last week, the news team at Metro Radio handed over their years of journalistic training to the listener and let them ‘choose the...

Social Media In Radio

Last night, I was honoured to co-produce (with Paul Sylvester of Absolute Radio) the ‘Social Media in Radio’ event for the Radio Academy....

Can a Twitter trending topic be a measureable metric?

Yesterday saw the first in a set of announcements across the newly formed national Capital FM network – in regards to the line-up...

New marketing campaign for the launch of the 95-106 Capital FM Network

A rather exciting day for commercial radio in the UK – as Global Radio’s 95 – 106 Capital Network now becomes a...

Where talking about Facebook on air is banned

Public radio in Sweden has been instructed not to encourage listeners to go and find them on Facebook. It’s against the law. The...

The sounds of success

This post is based on a ten minute conversation I held recently with Kate Arkless Gray about the BBC’s Save Our Sounds campaign....