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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

How Playstation told stories with radio

To promote Playstation 3’s latest game – The Last of Us – the marketing team at Sony have used the original storytelling feature of radio to develop their latest ad campaign.

2013 Sony Radio Academy award winners review

Earshot Creative takes a look at some of the winners of this years Sony Awards in the production and marketing awards.

Sony Radio Academy Awards 2013

All the gems of radio’s biggest night in stats and charts. See the winners scoreboard from the Sony Radio Academy Awards.

Sony Radio Academy awards 2011 marketing winners

It’s been a busy time for the radio industry with both the Sony Radio Academy Awards and RAJAR day combined. There‚Äôs certainly been...

Healthy competition at the 2011 Sony awards

Little by little, year by year, the Sony Radio Academy Awards become more welcoming to promotions and imaging professionals. This year...

Awards opportunity

How are your entries for the Sony Radio Academy Awards coming together? You might want to look at the RAP awards at the same time. Their...