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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

Google uses radio to bring voice search app to life

Google runs its first ever radio campaign to promote its new voice search app with a bespoke takeover of Capital FM weather.

Skinny dipping in NZ

Is a station-led event based around Skinny Dipping going too far or the perfect way to engage listeners? New Zealand station The Edge gets listeners to bare all.

2013 Arqiva commercial radio award winners

Earshot Creative takes a look at the 2013 Arqiva Commercial Radio Award winners in the Marketing, Imaging and Production categories.

Jazz FM’s de facto Latin takeover

Sponsorship deal inspires a day of Latin-tinged programming on the UK’s Jazz station.

Gaydar Radio’s new website, better for advertisers

GaydarRadio has given its website a slick new look in a move that they hope will help advertisers engage with the station’s audiences more effectively.

Brand integration on radio: what it means for brands

Now that Ofcom has relaxed the rules on brand integration, Jonathan Jacob provides practical examples of what brands can do on the radio.

Product placement: how it could sound

Since June, the UK regulator Ofcom has been consulting on relaxing the rules that govern commercial communications in radio programming....