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Ideas and technique to help you promote and image radio

The Ed Sheeran Peep Show experiment

Australia’s Hamish and Andy do stunts better than most. This Ed Sheeran $2 Peep Show is a great example of their fun, kind work.

The 2014 Brits Awards on radio, Paddy Power and a stunt

Earshot takes a look at some of the great Brits 2014 PR stunts and radio coverage.

Skinny dipping in NZ

Is a station-led event based around Skinny Dipping going too far or the perfect way to engage listeners? New Zealand station The Edge gets listeners to bare all.

The Zayn Malik interview that smells like a stunt

Hot 89.9 received worldwide PR coverage from One Direction interview – but is this a stunt or real thing?

Boris Johnson gets stuck on the Kiss Zip Line

Sometimes you just can’t plan the PR you will get .. take a look at how Kiss received worldwide coverage of their Olympic events partnership and how they’ve brought it to life for their listeners.

Could it be Magic? No, it’s Take That 103?

From sitting on frozen blocks of ice to broadcasting non-stop for three days – radio is well known for doing its fair share of...